Iris Turns Review of Work

“If you overload the viewer they will not believe”

And this is what happened the viewer could not believe because everything was too good to believe. A room of fabrication, this in the end what became of my work exhibited at the Bargehouse.  There becomes a point where to much fake narrative and fabriactions the work becomes all to fake. My proposal and the work make for the show was made in mind with my work being displayed in the same room as the artist Johnathan Parsons, his painting which feature primary colours would of reflected the same primary colours which was printed in my map. But like all proposals when it came to install they do not go to plan and the room was for my work only. A mini-retrospective of sorts, so this well considered piece had to fill a hole room, which it did not. Even when expanding the piece so that the object was on the floor half the room was still empty. So it was decided that the piece which was displayed at the last Crit Show ‘Hermes lost rope’ would also be displayed in the room.


With both pieces exhibited in the room both played against each other making the narratives interwind and thus making the work readable and to the viewer not believable.  Apart form this the work I displayed looked finished and resolved which I was pleased about. The way in which individually the pieces could of been improved would mainly be cutting down what was displayed. Did it need both object and map or object and image could the title been enough all these question will help me improve on a piece for degree show.



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