Reflection Degree Show

Throughout the year the development of my practice has been mainly moving away from just displaying objects, now the objects which are displayed are critical to the whole piece. Moving away from being solely a maker, to a collector; gathering ideas, objects and text to create work, including objects that I have made. The work has progressed the most from Bargehouse to now, everything is more paired back, giving the viewer less to read and making them think about the work. The installation of my work Apollo 18 has been successful, creating tableau of works which connect to each other by forming link. Without all four pieces the work would not be as successful, the steel sheet leads the viewer into looking at the work and vinyl and map create a link between all four. The bronze buoys give the fabrication some reality by creating a tangible link to a museum or collection giving the viewer something that can relate to. There were many more pieces which nearly made it into the piece the rejection of TV screen playing a video of the sea was because it would have overloaded the viewer with information and additionally there is already the element of the sea in the map for the viewer to investigate.  Eliminating the text pieces in favour of the number piece of the coordinates was critical to the work. The text piece which was going to say “There are things about the sea which man can never know and can never change. Those who describe the sea as angry or gentle or ferocious do not know the sea. The sea just does not know you are there, you take it as you find it or it takes you”

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 4.13.24 PM


would have made the piece more poetic but there was not the space for it unless I wanted it to be with the coordinates which would of looked to messy and unplanned.

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 4.13.34 PM

Overall the installation piece was a success, all the separate parts of the work read together when installed and both the map and vinyl work with the steel sheets which lead the viewer in to read the work. The bronze buoys sitting on top of the cushions show the weight of them and they read with the map as the colours link with the sea giving the viewer the link to the bronze to the map.



The map could have been printed on a larger scale to use up more of the space on the back wall. Also, due to the changes of people in the room one piece partially blocks off the vinyl which partially makes linking all four components hard.


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